At Blychem, we care.

Blychem, a company of IBL, is a leader in five lines of activity, in which it operates. These are:

  • Crop Protection & Agriculture
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Irrigation & Sheltered Farming
  • Pool Chemicals & Maintenance
  • Industrial Water Treatment

Blychem's experience in the above-mentioned fields of activity keeps it always on top to reach its on-going goal: providing novel and quality products to its clientele.


At Blychem, we care for our clients' safety both through our carefully selected range of products and our reliable after-sales services and technical support, which remain our long-term priorities.


Our People




team members


retail outlets



general manager

Nazeema Jownally

General Manager

Agrochemicals  manager

Jean Francois Claite

Senior Technical Manager

Logistics & Production manager

Kervin Luximon

Logistics Manager

water treatment manager

Nitin Luckeeram

Technical Sales Manager : Industrial Water Treatment

swimming pool manager

Roshan Ramsahye

Technical Sales Manager : Swimming Pool Chemicals & Maintenance

industrial hygiene manager

Vishnen Coondeeah

Technical Sales Manager – Industrial Hygiene


Yash Gopee

Accounts Manager