Food & Farming Industries

Protect your food, employees and customers with an effective food sanitation program in your processing plant. The chemicals we provide for the beverage and food processing industries range from additives to industrial-grade cleaners, providing our valued customers with the selection of specialty formulations they expect, and the unwavering quality they can rely on.

Our sanitation chemicals are formulated to clean all types of processing equipment and maintenance processes including CIP and COP operations. Alkalis, acids, chlorinated, high foam and low foam cleaners & degreasers, and are available for the cleaning needs of food processing plants while our sanitisers protect against a broad spectrum of pathogens. 
From our partnership with Laboratoires Ceetal (France), we are able to provide our customers a range of certified products for animal farming industry and greenhouse hygiene. Our disinfectants have been tested against coronavirus and other pathogens in the industry.